Astra 28e Satellite

4. Okt 17

Astra 28e Satellite
I enjoy watching UK TV via satellite and have done for the last 10 years.

However, since about two years some parts of Europe can no longer receive the signal.
The reason for this is because the UK launched a new satellite which is placed directly over the British Isles and the satellite "footprint" could be reduced to minimize who could receive the signal outside of the UK zone.
(I think this had a lot to do with TV licences and the BBC and the rational getting something you have not paid for).

For a number of years in the past, the UK had been using a German satellite called N3, this had been positioned above Germany. (the original UK satellite had crashed). For the UK to receive the signal from N3 the signal had to have a wider footprint, but not only did it reach the UK, but also right down to the south of Spain and Malta.
For the 750.000 Brits (many pensioners) living in Spain and Gibraltar, this was a God send, free UK TV.
I think that this lasted some 10 years. But now these areas cannot receive the UK satellite channels anymore, (they would have needed a 100cm dish anyway).

I can still receive the signal (with a 60cm dish) and I am located about 2 miles from the Dutch border.
I assume any Brit TV fans reading this will be in Germany, can you still receive the signal and what is your approx location? I would be very interested if other parts of Germany can receive the signal.

Best wishes, William
4. Okt 17

Hi William...
I know some people who have 120cm dish and struggle to get reception now in Munich....
But - if you have a Sky UK decoder, then you can still get perfect reception, as Sky did not migrate to the new satellite ....
Your assessment regarding the reason is correct - BBC and free to air commercial channels were concerned that people we watching for "free" - small minded, but in line with the BBC Radio World Service being removed in Europe from LW...
It is a shame that Britain does this, rather than spreading some of the best tv and journalism - it restricts it!
*heul* *snief2*
4. Okt 17

I am near Stuttgart and can still receive UK TV wit a 60cm dish, but that is with a Sky box. BBC iPlayer works with a VPN service for those who want access to the BBC (and other UK programming) via the internet.
6. Okt 17

Hi, we receive all on 28 degrees with no issues in Mühltal with a Wavefrontier T90. The sats hover stationary above the equator *g* check it out on!
6. Okt 17

I have known people 100 miles away who get the signal, but someone only 20 minutes away who does not. So an amount of good fortune plays a role too.

My wife could never manage without her daily dose of "Eastenders".
27. Jan

Freiburg still works
Hi, we live in Freiburg close to the Swiss and French border. I know several people with UK tv. Apparently, the reception here is still fine.

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