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How does Brexit affect Ex-Pats in Germany?



How does Brexit affect Ex-Pats in Germany?
I dont really want to get into if one was for or against Brexit, but rather discuss how it affects Brits living in Germany. For example if part of your retirement pension is paid by England and the other part paid by Germany, how will that affect our retirement.
How will health cover be dealt with? Will we go back to the old E111 paperwork when we visit the UK?
Will UK retirement pensions remain tax free? We could also discuss passports and residents passes etc.

I would be VERY INTERESTED as to how it affects German citizens going to the UK.

I have writen a few ideas just to get this thread moving.

Cheers, William.
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*****nUK 21 Beiträge Paar

April 2018 is my partners retirement due from the time he was in the UK army,( he was also told he can get it paid out in one big payment ) ( still has his german retirment ahead of himself ) so we will see what we have ahead of ourselves, though we were told ( as I am american ) that we just need apply at the embasy and file all of what we need to and the rest will happen on its own. My mother retired in Texas and becomes her retirment sent onto her US account as do other friends and aquäntances. As to the medical care, well he works for germans and has german healthcare. We are also waiting to see what happens when the Brexit finally hits as there are alot of UK citizens here and will have to renew the passport also.



Hi Trischa, l think what you are writing about is the lump sum payment at 60th birthday and then the monthly payments from the Ministry of Defence.

I recieved my payment last year (about £12000) followed by about £300 each month, depending on the current exchange rate.

Cheers, William.
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*****ten 114 Beiträge Mann

It certainly affects Germans who intend to emigrate to the UK ... in a negative way.
But, so what, let's just wait and see if the Brexit becomes reality.
It will probably never happen *my2cents*
... at least not as originally intended.
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********e_hb Gruppen-Mod537 Beiträge Frau

Das ist ein gutes und interessantes Thema. Ich bin auch davon betroffen, ich habe eine Zeit in England gelebt und dort Steuer-/Sozialversicherungspflichtig dort gearbeitet, ich muß zwar noch bis zu meiner Rente Jahre arbeiten, aber der Brexit ist dann durch. Aber wer weiß was bis dahin ist. Aber wenn hier Interesse besteht, wenn mit der EU ausgehandelte Abkommen /Deal veröffentlicht wird, und es den Joyregeln entspricht können wir gerne über die wichtigsten Punkte
Urlaub in England was ist nach Brexit zu beachten
Leben und Arbeiten in England, was ist nun zu beachten
Rente aus England / aus Deutschland
Ja der Brexit zieht sich wirklich in allen Bereichen durch

Also nur wenn Interesse besteht. Zur Zeit gelten für England bis zum 29.03.2019 die EU Gesetze.
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***ky 85 Beiträge Frau

Rente aus England
Ja, das Thema Rente aus England würde mich auch sehr interessieren, da ich auch dort gelebt und gearbeitet habe.

Danke und LG